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HBF’s national survey of house builders was launched in 2005 in response to recommendations in the Barker Review of housing of 2004. It is a self-completion census completed by the purchasers of new build homes.The latest survey results were published at the beginning of March 2013. They are the ninth set of survey results and covers the 12 months from October 2012 to September 2013.

The results of the home building industry’s ninth Customer satisfaction survey, carried out by the Home Builders Federation and NHBC, reveal a maintaining of the customer satisfaction at a level that matches or exceeds those in almost any other industry or sector.

The independently verified survey of 32,137 new home buyers reveals that an overwhelming 90 per cent are very or fairly satisfied with the quality of their new home and the same number would recommend their builder to a friend.

They once again prove the industry’s commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. They have been achieved despite a background of continuing economic uncertainty, huge changes with the planning system, restricted mortgage availability and the burden of significant regulatory costs that poses a clear threat to innovation.

In addition to the remarkable and steady improvement in Customer Satisfaction revealed by the survey, the industry also has its own self-imposed Consumer Code, ensuring customer concerns are heard and that disputes can be resolved through an independent adjudication system.

The survey results and the Code, in addition to a ten-year warranty on all new homes, combine to give new build home purchasers genuine confidence in the product they are buying.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of HBF, said: “These results clearly demonstrate that consumers are overwhelmingly happy with the service house builders are delivering.

“The people who really matter – those who buy new homes as opposed to industry commentators – are giving us a clear thumbs up. Driving up customer satisfaction takes commitment from people at every level in an organisation. The steady increase in satisfaction levels over the past decade is a credit to our industry and all its employees.” Mike Quinton, Chief Executive of NHBC, said: ‘“It is extremely encouraging that buyers of new homes feel so positive about their homes and the service provided by their builders.

“As the number of new homes being built in the UK continues to increase, it is vital that the industry maintains its focus on quality and excellent customer service to ensure these results are sustained in future. NHBC is therefore committed to continue working with the industry and supporting this important survey in the years ahead.”

The survey is undertaken, and the results analysed, by the NHBC.

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