According to new research, British property owners tend to sell their homes in sunnier times of the year but are more likely to search for a home in average weather.

My Home Move revealed a range of such findings including new home buyers preferring the weather to be not too hot and not too cold when looking for a property. The conveyancing services firm wanted to see if the weather overall could affect the searching, buying and selling of homes.

Among its more precise findings, it found first-time buyers liked house-hunting temperatures to be from 7-10˚C to 15-21˚C. At the same time, it’s in the summer months of July and August when homeowners are most likely to put the ‘for sale’ sign up. On average, during these months, an estate agent will have 50+ properties available.

My Home Move carried out the research by comparing Housing Market Reports compiled by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) with over 1,000 weather data reports issued by the Met Office between 2013 and 2016 across England and Wales.

According to the NAEA Housing Market Report, during 2014 and 2015, there was, on average, a yearly high of between 51 and 55 properties for sale at each branch when the weather was hottest.

In August 2016, the second highest number of properties ever recorded were for sale with 42 being available per branch. This compares with only 33 properties listed in January 2016, when temperatures went as low as 8˚C. With just six homes selling per branch, December was the least popular month for actual sales.

The CEO of My Home Move, Doug Crawford, said: “The Brits are renowned for always talking about the weather. However, it seems as if the weather does indeed have an impact on how Britain’s property market functions and how buyers and sellers behave. This research could help the industry know when to try to attract new sellers or first-time buyers.”

Nevertheless, it seems that rain doesn’t affect buyers or sellers too much.

As Crawford explained: “The research seems to suggest us Brits are so accustomed to rain that it has no apparent negative effect on the housing market with their still being, on average, over 330 homes for sale during the wettest months of the year.

“So even when it’s pouring down, we are still happy to search for new homes, list properties on the market or even put in a bid.”

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