Angela Armstrong

Angela Armstrong

Buying a new dining set is a fun but difficult task. The chosen set needs to compliment the beauty of your home and provide a high level of comfort if you want to make your family meals an enjoyable event.

The table is the focal point of any dining room, so much thought and consideration goes into choosing the shape, design and size. Dining tables come in a variety of types, from classic wood to modern glass and metal, complementing any style of décor. When it comes to the size you need to choose from small circular tables meant to just seat a few in an intimate setting, to a large rectangular table meant to seat 6 or more.


Shape, Size & Style

Baker_016__03197_zoomThe right shape for the dining set is largely influenced by the size of the room. For example, a rectangular table is better than a square or circular table in a long room, and a square or circular is better suited in a small room because they help create intimacy and maximise the space.

When measuring the room, account for any furniture, such as a sideboard or display cabinet, and measure from the edge of the furniture rather than the wall. Deciding how many chairs you will need can depend on the size of your family. But if the space in your dining room allows, consider buying more rather than less, especially if you enjoy preparing meals for your friends or for regular family gatherings.

Which style you choose is completely up to your taste and appeal, however it is a good idea to consider your home’s overall style. The way you will achieve a perfect match will reflect on your style although a combination of different styles can also look gorgeous if you have the eye for design.

Additional Enhancements

dinner setsAdd that extra bit of style to your dining set by adding a dinner set, cutlery and glassware. Shop for dinnerware that will co-ordinate with the style of your table and dining room. If you feel unsure about what style or pattern to choose in formal dinnerware, a simple design in ivory or white is a tasteful and versatile choice.

The range of colours and designs in casual dinnerware is almost unlimited, so you can get as creative as you want. Some people enjoy buying two similar sets of dinnerware in complementary colours, so they can mix and match.

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