What could we potentially expect as standard in the next generation of new build homes? New Homes Finder explores…

We’ve recently spent some time building up the content in the ‘technology’ section of our buyer advice and home owner tips area and this got us thinking…

Smart home technologies have already advanced considerably over the last ten years, as well as becoming more and more mainstream and affordable too.

There are now over 4 billion “things” connected to the internet from the obvious items like phones and laptops to the more obscure items like cars, buildings, clothing and so much more besides.

As the internet of things continues to grow over the next ten years and beyond, and technologies and lifestyles become more advanced, what could we potentially expect as standard in the next generation of new build homes?

Well here’s a thought or two

  • Umbrella’s that know when the weather forecast has predicted rain and ask to be taken out with you.
  • Thermostats that automatically turn the heating on for you when temperatures drop cold while you’re out.
  • Sheets that can monitor the quality of your sleep.
  • Interactive mirror displays which can inform you of the traffic conditions on your route to work while you’re cleaning your teeth.
  • Pot plants than can send you a text alert when they need a water.
  • A lock that uses biometric information such as your heartbeat to open the front door.
  • Remote controls that recognise your hand and offer programming based on your preferences.
  • Coffee machines that communicate with your fitness devices to knock up extra strong coffee when you need it.
  • Fridge freezers that offer menu suggestions based on their contents.
  • Smoke alarms that pre warn you before they’re about to go off so you can abort the embarrassment of the entire house ringing with the sound of your alarm over that pesky crumb wedged in the bottom of the toaster.
  • Appliances that can monitor their own maintenance needs and give you alerts and reminders to service them.
  • Kitchens with the ability to replenish food and household goods, also known as auto-stocking.
  • Homes that know when you like to wake up and begin drawing the curtains for you.

And that probably doesn’t even cover half of the technology we can expect to start infiltrating our homes over the coming years. Are you looking forward to the smart home revolution?

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