House builders come in many shapes and sizes. From big national companies that build over 10,000 new homes every year, to small family-run businesses that build five or ten new homes each year.

But no matter what size the business is, as an industry we all share a common set of principles: our people, like our product, matter to us.

As an industry, house building employs over 700,000 people – making us one of the country’s biggest employers. And as we continue to increase house building rates over the coming years, that figure is only set to rise.

Given that, it’s important that our core values and principles are shared at every level of our businesses. After all, a business is nothing without its employees, and without properly functioning house builders we won’t be able to meet the challenge of building the homes that are desperately needed across the country.

House building can be immensely proud of the people it employs, and you only have to look at our careers website ( and you’ll find stories from people at various stages of their career explaining why they love their job.

Testament to that is the number of people who work their way up from bottom to top, starting as an apprentice and making their way up to become a director, and even a CEO.

From carpenters to quantity surveyors, brickies to BIM technicians – we build our workforce with the same care that we build our homes, taking time to help our people build a career they can be proud of.

We’re also well known for being a family industry. Visit any development in any part of the country and you can almost be guaranteed to find people either working with their parents, or who have followed their parents’ footsteps into the trade.

We think that by taking this approach, everyone’s a winner. The employee has a job they’re proud of and a career that they can nurture and see grow; the companies have a happy and motivated work force that can build high quality homes and help them to improve the business; and you, the customer, gets a home that they want to buy and are honoured to call their own.

That’s why over April, we want to focus on the people that make our industry what is – our employees.

So across New-Homes we’ll be highlighting the stories of some of our people from across the industry – and what it means to them to building today’s new homes.

Hopefully this insight into one of our largest and oldest industries will really bring to life how we deliver our high quality product and give you more of a connection with what could be your new home.

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