New research has shown hundreds of pounds can be saved each year on heating bills if you live in a new build home. Barratt Homes found those who buy a new house will have a lower bill than the UK 2016 average of £737. In fact, Barratt Homes found that the age of the home was the most important factor in saving on heating bills. It was also found that almost 90% of homeowners believed up to £400 could be saved each year on their heating bill if they lived in a new build property.

In terms of costs per home, there are significant differences across the UK. Scotland was top of the list when it came to large heating bills. Wales came second, London third, and the most inexpensive region was the East Midlands.

Thermal imaging cameras can clearly show how heat loss differs in a more energy-efficient new home compared to an older property. In an older home, heat can be detected escaping through doors and windows whereas in a new house, features such as the latest insulation and double-glazing means less heat escapes.

Graydon Worthing, sales director at Barratt Homes West Midlands said: “We found that, despite spending hundreds of pounds on heating, a number of people still felt the cold in their homes; however, new build houses were far more energy-efficient than older properties.

“In addition to being better insulated and generally more airtight and less draughty than older properties, our new homes have low heat loss cylinders in their boilers which means water stays hotter for a longer time. If customers want to see how much they could save in regards to their bills in a Barratt new home, we even have an online energy calculator they can use.

Meanwhile, research from Ovo Energy revealed that 53% of the UK population think they could do more to save energy in their home. Similarly, 46% of people aren’t aware which appliances in their home are the most expensive to run, and the biggest waste of energy in a home was not unplugging devices at the end of the night. It was found that over 40% leave their laptop or phone on charge overnight with 31% leaving devices plugged in even if they’re already fully charged. Another way people commonly waste energy was leaving the tap running when brushing their teeth.

No matter what type of home you have, you can always find ways to save on your energy bills. However, one of the many benefits of a new home is they all come with an efficient thermostat and programmable timer, which means energy is only used where and when you turn the heat on.

Additional ways you can keep costs down are:

If a room’s empty then turn off the lights and radiators

Get draught excluders for doors and draw the blinds/curtains at night

If you’re making just one cup of coffee or tea, don’t boil a full kettle

When having a shower, turning down the thermostat by one degree or having a shower one minute less than usual can make a difference to your energy bills

To make radiators more efficient, keep them clear of furniture

Wait until you have a full load for your dishwasher or washing machine

If you have loft insulation already, save even more by increasing the thickness of insulation from 100mm to the recommended 270mm

Last but not least, consider buying a new home which is up to 55% more energy efficient than an equivalent Victorian upgraded property

For more on how you can reduce your energy bills in a new home and to learn more about how Barratt Homes can keep you warm, go to Barratt Homes New is…warm.

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