For savvy buyers, there is great appeal in choosing a home in a regeneration area that benefits from good value and long-term future potential. These are up and coming areas where particularly if you buy early and buy smartly, when you eventually sell you will reap the financial rewards.

Seek out areas that are the subject of major investment, where local authorities are working in partnership with developers like Countryside to deliver improvements for the whole community. Large-scale regeneration always factors in infrastructure and public transport improvements, and brings with it new shops, businesses and employment opportunities, enriching the local area. It is ideal if you can get in early and buy a property off-plan, then you will get the maximum uplift in value.

We have a strong track record of working on large and complex regeneration schemes. As well as building high quality new homes designed to suit the needs and lifestyles of residents, we focus on investing in the things that people value in their everyday lives, whether that is schools, sports facilities, green spaces or meeting places. These are all of the things that help build a community and create a place where people feel a real sense of belonging.

At East City Point in Canning Town, the cornerstone of the highly successful new development is the primary school we have built, at the heart of the community, which sets the tone for this friendly and inclusive new neighbourhood. The area is part of a wider, ongoing programme of regeneration that will bring further improvements to transport links, shops and other facilities.

At Greenwich Millennium Village it is clear to see how the effects of more than a decade of regeneration have benefitted the area. This is a development on an impressive scale where an innovative and vibrant new community is taking shape and amenities are already established. The Greenwich Peninsula is one of London’s largest regeneration areas where a whole new suburb will be built over the next 20 years, with thousands of new homes along with commercial, leisure and retail space. And this is just the beginning of the success story for Greenwich Millennium Village, as North Greenwich still remains more affordable compared with many other surrounding areas, meaning plenty of potential for growth.

Acton Gardens in West London is another of London’s most significant residential regeneration schemes and will benefit from its location close to a Crossrail station and the planned development of Old Oak Common. Those who are buying there now are making a sound investment in the future. This is a highly sought after West London location which until now has not achieved its potential. As the development continues to grow and mature over the coming years, buyers will benefit from the financial returns that come with getting in early at a high profile, game-changing development.

Find out more about the urban regeneration projects that we undertake, and the exciting new homes that we currently have available across London, the South East and the North West.

Andrew Loveday is Sales Director at Countryside.

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