When you first start enquiring about Help to Buy, you’ll more than likely hear about a Help to Buy agent. To understand what a Help to Buy agent is and does, here’s an explanation as well as how to find a Help to Buy agent where you are.

Why is a Help to Buy agent necessary?

The government’s Homes and Communities Agency appoints agents for each area of the country to assist buyers through the process of purchasing a new home through Help to Buy. The agents are comprehensively trained by the government to have an in-depth knowledge of everything associated with Help to Buy. They also have authorisation to make key decisions in regards to the scheme, including who qualifies for it and who doesn’t. So, a Help to Buy agent is there as a guide for you, giving help and advice before, during and after the purchase your new home.

What else does a Help to Buy agent do?

When you have found a new home you are interested in buying, you can contact the Help to Buy agent for your area. They will initially go over details and explain a little more about the criteria and eligibility needed for Help to Buy. If you qualify, they can then proceed with the paperwork and other details needing to be completed in order to buy the home. For instance, they could set up a payment method for the mortgage repayments as well as for any interest payments due on a Help to Buy: Equity Loan after the five-year interest-free loan period has ended. Any problems you encounter should be quickly solved with the assistance of your Help to Buy agent. Alternatively, you could contact the Help to Buy agent before you have found a property just to see if you have the general criteria needed for a future purchase through Help to Buy.

How would I find a Help to Buy agent?

Going to the Help to Buy agent page online is the easiest way to find an agent. Here you can look for an agent for your region. In addition, you can search for Help to Buy properties on new-homes.co.uk before or after contacting the agent. For London, it’s worth noting it has a separate Help to Buy London scheme. For additional information about other London initiatives, you can go to the First Steps website.

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